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Cry agony,

So yesterday was boring.

I went with my mother and grandmother to get ice cream. It was dumb. Then I came home and watched Cruel Intentions and Dazed and Confused.

Cruel Intentions was really good and that guy Sebastian was really really hot.

Dazed and Confused was hilarious. I wish I lived during then.

I still laugh a lot when I listen to that BK Lounge thing. It's just so funny.

Today I went to school..and it was lame.

Math -- Spent the entire class talking about my teacher's vacation. Hah. Lame.
French -- Did nothing.
Science -- Took some exam thing. Whatever.
Remedial -- Went with Brisoce and Eric to the special room. Didnt do much there.
S.S -- Got a 0 on a quiz because I didnt do the notes. Haha. Oh well.
English -- Read and did novel writing. Lame as well.
Gym -- Volleyball..I love volleyball.

I missed Nick and everyone. I was glad to be back although school sucks a lot.

I have croissants Wednesday and then a field trip Friday. Sounds lame. Whatever.

I love Nick. ♥

Me and Jesse finally talked today. It was amusing.


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